The Varndean Goats – Not just a herd of hairy faces

Media Darlings You may have come across the Varndean Goats in the media in recent months, they’ve certainly had a fair bit of attention. They’ve been on TV, the news, radio, they’ve wooed and flirted with the Edu Press (I’m looking directly at you Ann Mroz) and they are, it’s been said, the media darlings… Continue reading The Varndean Goats – Not just a herd of hairy faces

Will Funding Cuts Put Children With Medical Conditions At Risk?

A Chronic Condition My daughter has Type 1 Diabetes. That’s the one where your pancreas fails completely for no apparent reason. It’s nothing to do with your diet or weight, it’s the one where you have to test your blood throughout the day, eat sugary snacks when your blood sugars drop, even if you don’t

Take Care of Your Caretakers and They’ll Take Care of You

Semantically, Caregiving and Caretaking are diametrically opposite, one gives care and one takes it, but in a school setting it’s the object of the care that differs. Caregivers work with children, caretakers work with objects and buildings, or so the theory goes. But the caretakers I’ve come across in my time care deeply about their… Continue reading Take Care of Your Caretakers and They’ll Take Care of You

Maybe It’s Because I’m a Londoner

Waking up this morning to read about the latest atrocity in London, my home city. These days I live elsewhere, but nothing can take London out of your heart. When terrorism strikes you blanch at the horror, you read the news stories, watch the Twitter feeds, you absorb the shock, and then slowly, out of… Continue reading Maybe It’s Because I’m a Londoner

My School Journey – Yakob’s Story

Many years ago I got my first job in a school, I was employed as a performance-data-come-everything else  person and it was my first experience of education since I left school myself. It was a tough school in the East End of London, and worlds away from the private convent school I had attended myself.… Continue reading My School Journey – Yakob’s Story