Winter Drawers On

So we’ve well and truly hit it, Autumn, the season of gloom. The time where the novelty of the new academic year has well and truly worn off, when your shiny new stationery is already looking a bit limp and lacklustre, and you new diary is empty. Not because you’ve nothing going on, heavens forbid,… Continue reading Winter Drawers On

Summertime, and the Living is Easy

It’s only a week and a bit into the summer holidays and, even though I was at work all last week, I’ve already achieved a state of near Nirvana  as I can, quite literally, feel the stresses of a challenging year drain away in almost direct comparison to the diminishing number of emails in my… Continue reading Summertime, and the Living is Easy

The What, Why and How of School Business Leadership.

Being a School Business Leader is a funny old game. It’s not something that many people aspire to, it’s more a profession you fall into by accident, and I think it’s probably the diverse nature of the role that attracts people who have been on a less than straight career trajectory. We’re not Accountants, we’re not… Continue reading The What, Why and How of School Business Leadership.

Opportunities to Shine

I used to work with a wonderful Catering Manager. She, like all good CMs was almost entirely self-managing and only ever really needed my input when it came to testing muffins (I’m something of an expert in my field), VAT (I’m hopelessly inadequate but I know a very nice auditor), or when there was a… Continue reading Opportunities to Shine